We sat down with Maŕa Peralta, our first multidisciplinary accessory partner. 

Who is Maŕa Peralta?

Maŕa is an experimental artist, and the founder of Cultivated Sound. She is also a leading player in New York's shadowy dance music underground. Her partner, Chamberlain Zhang, is a Chinese experimental composer, performer, installation artist and DJ. Maŕa and Chamberlain are highly collaborative artists that work with many different mediums including: fashion, design, music, choreography, film and performance art.

Maŕa Peralta Studio is an alternative project to their duo project, applying musical/conceptual intelligence to fertilize design, the jewelry label is their research into the human identity. They believe in the idea of breaking boundaries between different artistic domains, designing hybrid identities that evolves with time. 

Maŕa Peralta Studio is a jewelry label for the resistance, founded on the idea of ready-made, functionality, uniformity, and attachment. Made to be unique sustainable and for versatility in your look. All metals are stainless steel and polished. Reconstructed and made in New York. For all, unisex.


BH: How did you become interested in designing jewelry? How does your work in experimental music production come into play? 

MP: "When I moved to Brooklyn in 2013 from upstate New York, I became fascinated in making things with my hand, I was experimenting with fabrics and designing garments that looked like Comme des Garcon skirts. My music production in experimental music has largely influenced my designs, music is sounds, different frequency and sonic structure. I feel my approach is the same, sketching the pieces and then adding in all the elements, chains, fixtures and mixing techniques. When I was performing I always felt I never had anything to wear nor could afford anything at the time, so I would make pieces by myself.  Then I discovered my medium is metal. I would make mini translucent bags with chain handles & accessories which included belts, necklaces, keychains and many chokers for the purpose of going to the techno rave."

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BH: What inspired your first collection? Why stainless steel? 

MP: "My inspiration is very connected to my past and present. Growing up in upstate New York I was raised by two moms and lived in a house with 2 sisters. A home of many beautiful women and many family friends who were our second family. My parents also had many biker friends and a few times a year and had a big party before hitting the road to go to NYC to dance. I am assuming they went to Lime Light or Palladium. I was surrounded by the dance music communities as a musician but also growing up in the gay community deeply inspired me to fashion and accessories.

The main reason we experiment with stainless steel is because we want these pieces to evolve and grow with you through time. All stainless steel metals do not rust or tarnish and are hypoallergenic, so they are good to your skin and body. And most importantly stainless steel is the most recycled material on the planet, steel will be and can be reused and recycled." 

BH: What does it mean to be a jewelry label “for the resistance?” 

MP: "We are focused on communities that are underground and resisting the status quo in music, fashion and art." 

BH: What is your criteria for sustainability and ethical production?

MP: "Our criteria is to not affect the future generation and development, we want to maintain a clear intention and concept. Maŕa Peralta Studio is founded on the idea of ready-made, using material or product already created, and using material that is reusable and can be recycled safely. It is important for us to consider what materials we are putting into the environment and that is why MPS is so connected to steel. Not only can we recycle it but it will not fade or rust, the pieces will last with you."

BH: How do you define “good design?” 

MP: "In the world we live in now there is so much happening, it makes us live in a fast environment especially now falling into more digital realities. MPS feels strongly about our approach to giving our pieces space, simplicity, to make powerful and strong pieces, simple but not simpler is the key to good design."

BH: Tell us about your 2Chainz music video appearance! Do you have any “dream” features?

MP: "The 2chainz video happened by chance. A stylist and good friend of mine hit me up because they need strong accessories for the music video. I have no reason to refuse this wonderful opportunity but to embrace it."

BH: Creatively, what are you currently obsessed with? What are you experimenting with? 

MP: "Currently, I am obsessed with extending the versatility of the pieces, reimaging collection I, in a sense upgrading it, I like the idea of evolution in my process."  

BH: Tell me about “Cultivated Sounds” and your relationship with music.

MP: "Cultivated Sound is a music label and a collective. 

I am the founder of the label along with my partner. CS is an entity that is always changing in time, evolving. I try to challenge myself in music, and CS is a platform for me to actualize and experiment with ideas."

BH: Tell us about your decision to collaborate with BOBBLEHAUS. What’s striking to you about these two brands?

MP: "We aimed to create new possibilities in any forms, through collaboration, experimentation, and execution. Bobblehaus has been supporting us throughout our brand journey. We love to be a part of this youth movement and eventually make a change."